Jury Verdict: Guilty on All Counts

Legal Monitoring of the Jungle Jabbah Case

Jury Verdict: Guilty on All Counts

On Wednesday 18 October, the jury in the Jungle Jabbah trial delivered a unanimous verdict of guilty on all four counts. The jury began their deliberation on Tuesday afternoon and continued Wednesday morning, spending a total of around five hours deliberating. On Wednesday morning, the jury sent out four requests for evidence and testimony read-backs. They first asked for transcripts of several witness’ testimonies but were informed by the Judge that the transcripts were not ready yet, and they needed to use their memory of the proceedings unless they had specific questions about a particular point they needed to be clarified. The jury then requested several pieces of evidence, specifically, photographs of the SSS officers, photographs of one of the rape victim’s injuries, and all photos of child soldiers. After reviewing the requested evidence, the jury notified the Judge that they’d reached a decision and were brought into court where the foreperson read their verdict of guilty.

Sentencing will occur at a later date.


Mohammed “Jungle Jabbah” Jabbateh was sentenced today to 30 years’ imprisonment—the statutory maximum—for providing false information to U.S.

On October 18, 2017, Liberian-national Mohammed “Jungle Jabbah” Jabbateh was convicted of four counts of fraud in immigration docume

Mohammed "Jungle Jabbah" Jabbateh Found Guilty on All Counts

The Jungle Jabbah trial wrapped up on Tuesday.  The jury heard summations and began their deliberations.

Government’s Summation

​​​​​​​The third week of the Jungle Jabbah trial began Monday morning with the government's last witness.

The Jungle Jabbah trial continued through its second week, with 13 additional witnesses testifying.

The second week of the trial concluded Thursday afternoon with three more government witnesses.

Witness 15 (continued)

The government’s fifteenth witness continued his direct testimony from yesterday. 

The second week of the “Jungle Jabbah” trial began Tuesday morning with the continuation of the cross-examination of witness nine, Pepper and Salt's brother.


Witness 9

The first week of the Jungle Jabbah trial wrapped on Thursday, with both sides offering insights throughout the week as to the allegations and defenses that will ultimately be at issue. 

The first week of the "Jungle Jabbah" trial concluded with testimony by four more of the government's witnesses on Thursday.


Witness 5

Trial has officially begun in the federal case against longtime Pennsylvania resident Mohammed Jabbateh in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).